OCDE Project GLAD® 
AIM4S³ Hybrid Institute

June 7 - 8 

Hotel Albuquerque 

June 7, 2022

Session III • 2:15 pm – 3:30 pm MST

OCDE Project GLAD and Focused Note Taking: Using the Pictorial Input Chart and Mind Maps to Focus on Literary Elements

In-Person (live stream)

Ballroom A

Ryan Palmer Jenkins


Harrison Middle School

How can you help your students get the most out of your whole-class novel? One option is to use the Pictorial Input Chart and Mind Maps. The Pictorial Input Chart prepares students to understand what they will read while embedding high-level academic language. Students will refer back to the Pictorial Input Chart as they read the whole-class novel and as they create their own Mind Maps in their Interactive Notebooks. Mind Maps help students practice categorizing information and give them a chance to practice Focused Note Taking. The primary objective of this session will be to help participants imagine how they could adapt the Pictorial Input Chart and Mind Map strategies to suit their individual teaching circumstances.

Dual Language: Science of Reading, Cross-Linguistic Transfer, Equity, Cultural Relevance - Can they work together?

In-Person (live stream)

Ballroom B

Jesús Cervantes

Strategic Alliances Team: Director of Biliteracy/ELD

Benchmark Education Co.

This session is a discussion, information sharing, and learning to answer questions/challenges to how we instruct ELA & SLA. Resources you want to share for a bibliography, send to jcervantes@benchmarkeducation.com. Let's work together!

Maximizing the Sentence Building Strand

In-Person (live stream)

Ballroom C

Anna Harvin

Project GLAD® Specialist, Project GLAD® Trainer

Alexandria City Public Schools

Participants will walk through the sentence building strategies that “hang together” and focus on the many ways we can extend and use the Here There Chant, Sentence Patterning Chart, Flip Chant, and the Reading/Trading game in whole group and small group settings. We will discuss how each strategy can be differentiated to meet the needs of all our academic language learners.

Take a Deep Dive into Equivalent and Benchmark Fractions

In-Person (live stream)

Ballroom F

Lisa Meyer

Director of Instructional Equity / AIM4S3� Math Developer


Do your students struggle with a foundational understanding of fractions? Come experience hands-on activities that build conceptual understanding of benchmark and equivalent fractions. These initial concepts are key for our dual language students' future success with fractions. This session will include common misconceptions and how to address them.

Utilizing GLAD® Strategies to Enhance the Language of Math

Virtual ONLY

Carolann Cavallo

ELD Site Facilitator and GLAD® Trainer

Washoe County School District

Looking to enhance the language of math in your classroom? Join our GLAD® and Math session to view and discuss strategies that support the language of math and math content comprehension in your classroom.

Kristin Dunbar

ELD Site Facilitator and GLAD�Trainer

Washoe County School District

GLADifying Units of Study

Virtual ONLY

Luz Rossi-Jones

DL Coordinator

Adams 14 School District

This session goes through the process of how teachers/schools can GLADify their curriculum and units of study. We provide the steps, examples, videos, and ideas on how to best accomplish this great challenge.