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June 4, 2021

Session Handouts - Note: Provided below are the handouts/PPTs shared by presenters.

Not all presenters may have shared this information. 

Session I

Creating & Modifying Heritage Language Lessons Using Technology - Blending the New With the Old

Shannon Johnson • Teacher Support Specialist/Diné Language & Culture Teacher, APS LCE

Bridging Preschool GLAD® and Project GLAD® in Kinder and First

Christie Baird • Coordinator, OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center Laurie Magill • Preschool GLAD® Trainer, DLeNM

Session II

Reducing Bias in the Classroom Using a Mindful Reflection Process

Barbara J. Dray, Ph.D. • Lead Researcher & Consultant, Transforming Practices in Education LLC

Kimberley D. Kennedy, Ph.D. • Lead Researcher & Consultant, Pocket Professor

Session III