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June 3, 2021

Session Handouts - Note: Provided below are the handouts/PPTs shared by presenters.

Not all presenters may have shared this information. 

Session I

Developing Complementary Dual Language Units without Translation: A Framework and a Reflection

Jess Yáñez • Coach for Bilingual Programs, WPS

Gladify Your Benchmark Unit

Loyola Cortinas • 2nd grade ESL Teacher, Tierra Antigua Elementary/APS

El Análisis Crítico del Discurso como herramienta sociocultural para la justicia social y reparación lingüística

Felipe Pérez • Dual Language Educator, RFSD

Session II

Scaffolding for ALL: Intro to Supporting Academic Language Learners

Kavita Krishna • ELD Resource Teacher, Albuquerque High School/APS

OCDE Project GLAD® — A Pathway to Biliteracy

Natalie Olague Project Coordinator, DLeNM Diana Pinkston-Stewart Project Coordinator, DLeNM

Project GLAD® in the Flipped Classroom

Jody Bader OCDE Project GLAD Consultant, Next Steps with Project GLAD®

Sara Martínez OCDE Project GLAD Consultant, Next Steps with Project GLAD®


Session III

Aprendiendo en español: Ideologías, prácticas y conceptos

Samuel Aguirre • Director, WIDA Español, WIDA

Yvonne Williams • Director, MLL Educator Engagement, WCEPS