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June 4, 2021

Session II • 10:15 am – 11:25 am MST

Reducing Bias in the Classroom Using a Mindful Reflection Process

Barbara J. Dray, Ph.D.

Lead Researcher & Consultant

Transforming Practices in Education LLC

Kimberley D. Kennedy, Ph.D.

Lead Researcher & Consultant

Pocket Profe

We will review the types of implicit bias and provide a framework for reducing bias in the classroom. This is particularly key to serving emerging bilingual students at risk for being identified with a disability.

Dual Language/Bilingual/Emerging Bilingual/EL Education and Program Development

K-12: applicable across grade levels

Preschool GLAD® en español Awareness Presentation

Catalina Sánchez


OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center

Inés Pérez-Cocón

Kinder teacher/ Preschool GLAD® Trainer

Cien Aguas International Schools/ DLeNM

Intentionally creating language-rich environments for our preschool English learners takes time and effort. This interactive workshop engages participants in thinking about how children learn language and introduces successful research-based strategies in Spanish so your classroom is full of language.

Project GLAD®

Early Childhood: Preschool-1st grade

Delving Deeper into Moving Students' Language Proficiency

Erin Mayer

3rd-5th grade teacher, Project GLAD trainer

Janet Kahn School of Integrated Arts/ DLeNM

Come to this session and develop and deepen a working theory of the English Language Development Standards, increase your understanding of disaggregating students' scores into meaningful groups to purposefully create and implement short cycle language goals in the four domains: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. This will allow you to move students in their language proficiency and select explicit strategies to support this growth.

Project GLAD®

K-12: applicable across grade levels

Cuentos: Culturally Informed Writing Workshop

Howard L. Smith


The University of Texas at San Antonio

Dr. Kalpana Mukunda Iyengar, Postdoctoral Fellow, UTSA

Ms. Genevie Rodríguez, M.A., Bilingual Literacy Coach, Edgewood ISD

In this interactive workshop, teachers will be guided through writing as a social and culturally affirming process. Participants will experience the use of culturally informed, multimodal (e.g., text, video, performing arts, multicultural picture books) resources that support language, literacy, and culture. The goal is to explore the Language Arts (i.e., listening, speaking, reading, writing) as a contributor to cultural preservation while fostering the development of healthy ethnic identity.

Dual Language/Bilingual/Emerging Bilingual/EL Education and Program Development

Elementary: 1st-5th grades

A Project GLAD® Unit Blended with a District-Approved ELA Curriculum for In-Person & Virtual Contexts

Kimberly Johnson

Teacher-General Ed. 4/5 combo class

Lew Wallace Elementary School

This Unit was designed to blend Benchmark Unit 1 in the first 8 weeks of in-person learning. It is implemented in a 4/5 combo class and adds some tier 2 supports to help students after a year of pandemic virtual learning. This was designed for and with my student teacher to see how to design a unit and blend the Government GLAD® unit with Benchmarks' Unit 1. It is a backward plan approach and develops a whole unit on one page. I have a nice blend of in-person students and online students and I will have videos, student work, and classroom realia to share with participants. The new virtual learning tools are utilized for grading purposes: Google Forms and the Google Classroom gradebook. A nice blend of Daily 5 strategies are peppered throughout the daily lesson plans. I'd like teachers to take away a whole unit lesson plan with GLAD strategies utilized and an idea of how to do it within district curriculum restraints.

Project GLAD®

Elementary: 1st-5th grades

Tribal Language Instruction Techniques & Tools in the Virtual Setting

Valencia Edgewater


Edgewater Consulting

Presenter will share some technology tools, applications, and techniques to use for Tribal Language instruction in the virtual setting. Presenter will use the Google Platform and provide an interactive session proving examples of a linguistic scaffolds, check for understanding, with the use the gradual release model. The presenter will share some how she incorporates Total Physical Response in the lessons, and provide an examples of visual cues to stay in the target language.

Tribal Languages

K-12: applicable across grade levels

Teaching the Writing Process with the Cooperative Strip Paragraph

Kathleen Salgado

PD Coordinator

Dual Language Education of NM

Do you want to augment your students' writing? Begin with an easy yet powerful Project GLAD® strategy. The Cooperative Strip Paragraph strategically guides students through the writing process, allowing students to share and negotiate ideas with peers all the while boosting their understanding of authorship. By the end of this engaging process, your students will transform those redundant stale sentences into deliciously robust paragraphs and essays. This interactive session will put you in the student seat as we channel our students’ inner writing styles and voices to create our own exquisite paragraph.

Project GLAD®

K-12: applicable across grade levels