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June 4, 2021

Session I • 8:45 am – 9:55 am MST

Increasing Meaningful Student Output by Asking the Right Questions

Anna Harvin

Project GLAD Specialist

Alexandria City Public Schools

Sofía Meléndez Contreras

In this session, we will focus on asking the right questions to support more meaningful student output. We will model and develop leveled questions to increase student output through the use of the ELD Review strategy from Project GLAD®. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and create questions utilizing different online platforms. Increasing meaningful student output for students K-12 is more important than ever in hybrid/virtual/in-person learning environment.

Project GLAD®

K-12: applicable across grade levels

EL Teacher

Alexandria City Public Schools

Bridging Preschool GLAD® and Project GLAD® in Kinder and First

Christie Baird


OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center

Laurie Magill

Transitioning oral language strategies to reading and writing strategies occurs along a continuum. Come and hear how we have bridged Preschool GLAD® and Project GLAD® strategies to support kindergarten and first grade students.

Project GLAD®

Early Childhood: Preschool-1st grade

Preschool GLAD® Trainer

Dual Language Education of New Mexico

Making Math Accessible

Lisa Meyer

Director of Programming


Evelyn Chávez

Join DLeNM’s math trainer team for a brief overview of our math framework, AIM4S3™, and for a deeper dive into sheltering math instruction to increase mathematical discourse and accessibility for our language learners and students who struggle with math. During the session, we will analyze classroom video at elementary and middle school levels, highlighting sheltering strategies in action with students.

AIM4Scubed™ Math Framework

K-12: applicable across grade levels

Project Coordinator


Computer Science for All: Using OCDE Project GLAD® Strategies to Develop Future Computer Scientists

Ryan Palmer


Justice Code

Caia Brown

In this interactive session, participants will experience how OCDE Project GLAD® strategies can help all students access computer science. If you are intimidated by the idea of bringing computer science into your classroom, then this presentation is for you! We will show you how you can use NetLogo and/or StarLogo Nova to stimulate curiosity, integrate STEM, and create opportunities for authentic collaboration, communication, and assessment.

Project GLAD®

K-12: applicable across grade levels


Justice Code

Jumping Past Performance Anxiety - Using Song and Movement to Enhance EVERYTHING in Your Classroom!

Dair Obenshain

Music teacher

Cien Aguas International School

Don’t be intimidated by singing with your kids! Song, melody, and so many aspects of music support so many areas of learning for our kids: oral language development, memory, pattern recognition, early literacy, group work … and it goes on and on. Come learn helpful and useful songs to support your content and your children’s development. We will sing and discuss songs and I will give you links to videos and words for the songs. I will be prepared for both Spanish and English songs, depending on what attendees need.

Dual Language/Bilingual/Emerging Bilingual/EL Education and Program Development

Elementary: 1st-5th grades

Creating & Modifying Heritage Language Lessons Using Technology - Blending the New With the Old

Shannon Johnson

Teacher Support Specialist/Diné Language & Culture Teacher

Tres Volcanes Community Collaborative/APS LCE


Our language teaching has changed drastically and we need to adapt to continue passing our language to the next generation. This session will help you learn ways of adapting and creating your language lessons with various educational applications. I will share lessons I used with my students and teach you how to access different methodologies to meet our students' needs in K-12. We will also discuss our experience and new tools we use while adjusting to a new platform of second language acquisition teaching.

Tribal Languages

K-12: applicable across grade levels

Relevant & Purposeful - a continuation of our engagement

Jimmy Santiago Baca

American Poet, Memoirist, and Screenwriter

We will explore the power of our words and how writing helps us to process, reflect and ensure our life experiences are relevant and purposeful. A limited number of participants will receive a copy of Jimmy's newest publication, "American Orphan".

Dual Language/Bilingual/Emerging Bilingual/EL Education and Program Development

K-12: applicable across grade levels