OCDE Project GLAD® 
AIM4S³ Hybrid Institute

June 7 - 8 

Hotel Albuquerque 

This institute is designed to support your professional development needs and guide you through this ever-changing educational climate to best support your English learners and emerging bilinguals.  

Presenter Handouts and PowerPoint Presentations

Note: Below you will find the links to the presenter handouts by name. Please click on the

name to access the information that has been shared by presenters.

Amanda Reyes

Amy Haycock

Anna Harvin

Carolann Cavallo

Cyndy Valdez

Diana Pinkston-Stewart

Erin Mayer

Evelyn Chávez

Jennifer Lisle

Jesús Cervantes

Jesse Winter

Kathleen Salgado

Lauren Butcher

Laurie K. Magill

Lisa Meyer

Lori McAndrews

Luz Rossi-Jones

Natalie Olague

Odalis Amparo

Ryan Palmer Jenkins

Samantha Kuchen

Shengxiao "Sole" Yu

Sofia Melendez Contreras

Yvonne Williams